Rollin’ with Gilbo

This year the 40th National Veterans Wheelchair Games (NVWG) will be held August 8-13 in New York City, travel days being the 7th and 14th. 

Registration must be done online as done the last few games; I did see there is a link to download paper forms on the website. Registration opens January 11 and although athletes can register with PVA until April 2nd, that is not the case if you want to be part of the NEPVA Coasters Team. You must both inform the Chapter that you intend to go to the NVWG and must register by March 2, the Chapter needs the time to get roommates assigned, hospital staff assigned, then get all the hotel rooms reserved. Failure to do either and you will be responsible for your own room reservation and funding. 

To register online or download the required paperwork you can visit the website and everything can be done there. There is a big red button to choose Register Now right on the page below the countdown of days until the Games. For those who have done online registration previously you can use the same username and password as last time, that worked for me. For those who desire their own room or need to share with their significant other, the room rate this year is $220.00 and that does not include taxes or any fees the hotel may charge.

The Chapter only pays half the room costs, when sharing with another team athlete each gets half the room funded so the total room costs is covered, none of this is new as any member who has attended previous NVWG will know. Please get your registration started if you plan to attend, certain events only allow so many participants so early registration insures you a better chance of getting to participate in the events you desire. Softball, Basketball, Power Soccer, Disc Golf, Sniper and Trap Shooting are just a few I can think of that only allow so many athletes. New events this year will include Disc Golf, E-gaming and Sniper Competition (for those who shoot an average score of 500+), one can’t compete in Air Rifle and Sniper. Disc Golf and E-gaming will not count towards being one of your 5 events max. They have chosen the game Apex Legend as the game that will be played to compete for the medals this year.

Finally, now I’m too old to be competitive, they have also added a Super Q. Previously Quads were not allowed to compete in the Super G so I have been lobbying for years they hold a Super Q so the top quads in Slalom could compete on a tougher course same as the paras and the Super G. 

I hope you all are doing well in this crazy time and with the NVWG not being held until August, I am hoping things will be back to somewhat normal by then.

Stay safe out there everyone.

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