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Award winning and nationally recognized Monthly publication about our programs available to chapter members of New England’s PVA, volunteers, and anyone who wants to stay up to date with how we serve our paralyzed veterans.

Current Month Highlights

From the Hill – June 2022

From the Hill – June 2022 I had the opportunity to join Chapter President Michael Negrete and Chapter National Director Brad Carlson at PVA’s 76th Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. […]
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Out Front – June 2022

Out Front – June 2022 I attended the 76th Annual PVA convention in Atlanta Georgia in late May. Much like last year’s Convention in Las Vegas, this year’s Convention was […]
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Out Front – March 2022

Out Front – March 2022 I have a great concern for our Chapter members. As our office volunteers try to reach out to them, they’re finding a significant amount of phone […]
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Out Front – January 2022

Out Front – January 2022 As tempestuous as this past year may have been, may everyone’s best memories be kept close at heart, and if I could offer one word […]
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From the Hill – July

From the Hill – July 2021 Ensuring Workplaces are Accessible to All  The New England Chapter of Paralyzed Veterans of America is joining forces with our partners in the disability […]
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Out Front – July 2021

Out Front – July 2021 Great news, with the change in COVID restrictions, our Chapter office is now open! Before stopping by though, please call ahead to obtain a copy […]
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Let your Legislators know the importance of caring for paralyzed veterans.

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There are many ways to give essential support to paralyzed veterans in need.

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Learn about who we are and what we do for paralyzed veterans.

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