New England Chapter receives 2021 PVA Bob Webb Excellence in a Newsletter Award

The New England Chapter’s monthly newsletter the “CordWord” has been recognized by Paralyzed Veterans of America for fostering intra-organizational communication without measure. The New England Chapter has always been very proud of the overall quality, content, format, design, and appearance of our monthly CordWord newsletter The CordWord’s content is of a very high quality and relevance for all who read it. Since its redesign in 2017, it has received nothing short of positive feedback from Chapter members, other Chapters, members of PVA’s Executive Committee, Congressional offices and the general public which speaks volumes regarding the resources, time, and effort dedicated to its creation each month. The CordWord’s format is easily readable and visually stimulating using bold, colorful and distinct headings and sections. The design and appearance of the newsletter consistently draws the reader from page-to-page and includes both important and captivating information about Chapter, VA, PVA, and community related activities. This again speaks to the relevance of the content to the diverse readership who receive it each month. Regarding the timeliness of the newsletter’s dissemination, the goal is to have it distributed electronically, posted on our website, and printed copies mailed by the 10th of each month. Our digital newsletter is unique in that it provides an interactive experience for readers with embedded hyperlinks to additional content sources such as PVA, PN, VA, local adaptive sports and recreational organizations. Although only required by PVA to be published quarterly, our newsletter is distributed on a monthly basis both electronically and in print, dependent on the reader’s preference. It is Chapter members, VA staff, federal and state legislative offices, vendors and other relevant groups who have an interest our activities, events, programs, and legislative advocacy work. Our newsletter is an opportunity for us to communicate both the Chapter’s message and PVA’s to our members, donors, and friends, so we earnestly consider the tone, tenor, relevance, and quality of its content. Our Chapter President’s column “Our Front”, the Executive Director’s column “From the Director’s Desk”, and the Government Relations Director’s column “From the Hill” are anchors and concrete narratives where our Chapter leaders are able to personally connect with the reader and inform them of what is happening within the Chapter month-by-month. These columns also fittingly shed light on what is happening in current world and national news events impacting the Chapter, which makes the material connected to the real world. The monthly creation of our CordWord content is truly a labor of love, and we believe that this is reflected in the presentation and overall impact of the newsletter for all those who receive it. Michael Negrete Chapter President/PVA National Director and Paralyzed Veteran
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