Your Health and Safety

We’ve been closely monitoring how each state is planning for hospitals to be overwhelmed during the pandemic, and what effect those plans could potentially have on our members and the disabled community at large. Given the magnitude of the COVID-19 response, states across the country began producing a “Crisis Standards of Care” document which outlines guidance to hospitals on how to triage and modify the traditional level of care during this emergency. Early drafts of these documents were alarming and would have had devastating consequences to our members. As written, many of the original guidelines would heavily discriminate against those with disabilities, as they may have shorter projected lifespans than able-body persons, depending on their particular disability.

In response, New England PVA quickly established strong partnerships with disability advocates throughout New England and worked in collaboration with them to review any guidance released during this crisis and advocate on behalf of both our members and the larger disability community. Several of our members also helped advance this effort by writing personal testimonials on how the CSC guidelines would affect their chances of survival should they require treatment for COVID-19. While our work is not done, we have made great progress in changing these discriminatory policies.

To review the letters New England PVA has signed onto regarding this issue please click here.

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