Take part in Paralyzed Veterans of America’s online nutrition classes with Dr. Audrey Lee!

About this Event

PVA is happy to be offering FREE online nutrition classes. Classes will be held the second Thursday of each month at 3:00 PM EST. This nutrition program is inclusive and open to anyone interested.

Class Description-

Are you interested in eating healthier? Join us for 30 minute nutrition classes taught by Dr. Audrey Lee. Dr. Lee is a sports nutrition coach, performance coach, and an instructor for the PVA Yoga program… so she knows a thing or two about wellness!

The priority of the class will be on self-care, avoiding the need for pills or supplements, and eating foods that boost the immune system (especially during the pandemic).

About the Instructor-

Audrey Lee has her master’s degree in nutrition from the University of Utah. Her mission is to inspire people to eat real food, mostly vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Audrey coached for Salt Lake Figure Skating, Greenville Cycling and Multisport, Team Roger C Peace, and Paralyzed Veterans of America Racing. She creates individualized nutrition plans for people to meet their needs and goals. As sport nutrition coach, Audrey went on the road with her teams to provide sport nutrition support, researching healthy food options at competition locations, and creating team menus. Audrey loves giving talks and workshops on sport nutrition and teaching plant-based cooking classes.

Disclaimer: It is extremely important that you are healthy enough to participate in this program. If you are not, you could risk serious injury to yourself or worse. We encourage you to consult with your doctor to determine whether it is safe for you to engage in this activity.

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